COSM A Technology Summit

Artificial Intelligence

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At COSM ’23, Futurist Ray Kurzweil Preaches the Gospel of Artificial Intelligence


Electric Cars: Salvation or Fantasy?

Many are extolling the benefits of electric cars, especially to reduce emissions. Some jurisdictions are even banning the sale of gas-burning cars in the near future. The panel discusses the future of electric vehicles, their benefits as well as the challenges of their widespread adoption (including manufacturing issues and power supply limitations), and some of the practical issues associated with owning and operating an electric vehicle.


Unsettling Climate and Energy

Steven Koonin, theoretical physicist and Undersecretary of the US Department of Energy in the Obama Administration, examines the scientific evidence regarding of claims that climate change will bring about catastrophic effects to the planet if large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are not made.


John Tamny with Jay Richards at COSM 2022

John Tamny, Forbes Editor & author of Popular Economics, shares his perspectives on the COSM Technology Summit 2022 panel on the future of money—especially related to traditional forms of money versus cryptocurrencies.


George Gilder with Jay Richards at COSM 2022

George Gilder, technology futurist and cofounder of Discovery Institute, gives his assessment of COSM Technology Summit 2022 (, which featured two Kyoto Prize winners, Carver Mead and Federico Faggin, technology giants Peter Thiel, Joe Lubin, and Eric Schmidt, and leading thinkers and industry experts on artificial intelligence, energy, economics, biotechnology, cryptocurrency, and international relations.


Marian Tupy with Jay Richards at COSM 2022

Marian Tupy, coauthor of “Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet” explains how, contrary to conventional thinking, economic abundance and material wellbeing are increasing at a faster rate than population growth.


AI: Friend or Foe? A Friendly Discussion at COSM

A distinguished panel of artificial intelligence (AI) experts, include Blake Lemoine and Robert J. Marks, debates the meaning of artificial intelligence, what the future holds for its application (both positive and negative), and how far AI can be taken in terms of mimicking and even exceeding human capabilities.


Ex-Googler Blake Lemoine Still Thinks AI Is Sentient – with Jay Richards at COSM

Blake Lemoine, artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, discusses the capabilities of LaMDA, short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, a sophisticated breakthrough technology at Google whose capabilities some suggest indicate sentience.


Robert J. Marks II with Jay Richards at COSM 2022

Robert Marks II, Director and Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural & Artificial Intelligence, shares his perspective on COSM 2022’s panel on artificial intelligence (AI)—especially the differences between human and machine intelligence, and the degree to which computers can mimic human capabilities and even attain consciousness and sentience.