COSM A Technology Summit

2019 Virtual Ticket

An exclusive national technology summit with George Gilder and company for $499.

COSM 2019 is an exclusive national summit of tech and business leaders to explore the converging technologies remaking the world as we know it. Organist by futurist George Gilder, featured speakers include Peter Thiel, Steve Forbes, Carver Mead, and many others. Now you can get a ringside seat to the main sessions by purchasing access to the conference videos on Vimeo.

For decades, George Gilder has written presciently about the technological revolutions shaping our world, from the microchip in Microcosm, broadband in Telecosm, and now the cryptocosm in Life After Google. What a world: artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, crypto-currency, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, the biotech revolution, and internet commerce — all are converging in Seattle, and at COSM 2019. The mission of the conference is to stimulate debate and deliberation among industry leaders on the unities animating these apparently divergent technology areas. The future meets here. 

NOTE: By buying access to COSM 2019, you get access to the videos of the COSM 2019 conference so long as they remain available on Vimeo.

Fourteen Sessions

1.COSM 2019 Session 1: Keynote with Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel
2.COSM 2019 Session 2: AI General Intelligence, Human Systems, and the Future of Wellness
Craig Mundie
3.COSM 2019 Session 3: Is a DIY Mint Possible? Money Creation in a Purely Informational World
Bill Dembski
4.COSM 2019 Session 4: Can Crypto and Blockchain Reverse the Tech Decline (and Enable an Internet Renaissance)?
George Gilder, Steve Forbes, Ed Moy, and Bill Dembski
5.COSM 2019 Session 5: 5G – Connecting the Future
Andre Fuetsch
6.COSM 2019 Session 6: Blockchain & 5G – The Convergent Future
George Gilder, Gilad Garon, Andre Fuetsch, Jules Urbach, and Nick Tredennick
7.COSM 2019 Session 7: Regulation and the Future of Technology
Andy Kessler
8.COSM 2019 Session 8: Radical Decentralization – The Key to Realizing the Vision of the Internet’s Founders?
Yorke Rhodes III
9.COSM 2019 Session 9: Killing Thanos – Defeating the Ideology of Scarcity
Gale Pooley
10.COSM 2019 Session 10: AI’s Role in Unlocking Human Potential
Matt McIlwain, Bob Marks, Oren Etzioni, and George Martinez
11.COSM 2019 Session 11: Will Pilots and Drivers Soon Be Obsolete?
Tom Alberg, Bryan Mistele, and Eben Frankenberg
12.COSM 2019 Session 12: Tech Elders Discuss the New Internet Architecture
Dan Berninger, Guiseppe Gori, George Gilder
13.COSM 2019 Session 13: Whence AI?
Carver Mead
14.COSM 2019 Session 14: The Crisis of Big Tech – The US and China
Bob Kelly, George Gilder, Wendy Liu, Jim Mischel, and Gary Rieschel