COSM A Technology Summit

George Gilder


George Gilder with Jay Richards at COSM 2022

George Gilder, technology futurist and cofounder of Discovery Institute, gives his assessment of COSM Technology Summit 2022 (, which featured two Kyoto Prize winners, Carver Mead and Federico Faggin, technology giants Peter Thiel, Joe Lubin, and Eric Schmidt, and leading thinkers and industry experts on artificial intelligence, energy, economics, biotechnology, cryptocurrency, and international relations.


Ex-Googler Blake Lemoine Still Thinks AI Is Sentient – with Jay Richards at COSM

Blake Lemoine, artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, discusses the capabilities of LaMDA, short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, a sophisticated breakthrough technology at Google whose capabilities some suggest indicate sentience.


The State of the Ether: A Discussion

George Gilder interviews Dr. Bob Metcalfe, internet pioneer, entrepreneur, and Professor of Innovation at the University of Texas at Austin. Topics include the connectivity dimensions, disruptions, and pathologies of the Internet and future energy sources.

bridge in Beijing
Bridge in Beijing, China at Night (The Jade Belt Road Bridge, Tongzhou District)

Great Power Contest Reveals Capitalism as a Suicide Pact

By Daniel Berninger, founder, New Architecture Foundation It also should be said — looking at the two great powers, the United States and China — we know China doesn’t threaten the territory of the United States; I think you know the United States has no territorial designs on China. We know China doesn’t want to dominate the United States. We believe you too realize the United States doesn’t want to dominate the world. Also — maybe you don’t believe this, but I do — neither China nor the United States, both great nations, want to dominate the world. Because our attitudes are the same on these two issues, we don’t threaten each others’ territories. From the declassified transcript of President Nixon Read More ›