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COSM A Technology Summit


All times, sessions, speakers, and panels are subject to change.

Wednesday, Nov 9
10AMRegistration Opens

12:00Welcoming Remarks
Steve Buri— President, Discovery Institute
Matt McIlwain — Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

Keynote Luncheon
12:10The Nationalization of U.S. Technology Companies
Peter Thiel – Investor and Philanthropist
George Gilder – Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Panel Discussion
1PM5G Nationalization of Telecom or Global Wireless Revival?
Moderator —  Bret Swanson
Gilad Garon — CEO, ASOCS
Ankur Jain — VP, Google
Andre Fuetsch — CTO, AT&T

Panel Discussion
2PMThe Nationalization of Money: Can Crypto be a Remedy?
Moderator — Kate Mitselmakher — CEO, Founder & General Partner of Bloccelerate VC
Wyatt Robinson (invited) — Principal Corporate Counsel, Microsoft
Gregory Meredith — President, RChain Cooperative
Balaji Srinvasan (invited)
John DeVadoss — Cofounder, InterWork Alliance

3PMNetworking Break

3:30Secular Slump or Superabundance?
Moderator — George Gilder OR Walter Myers (?)
Gale Pooley — Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Jeffrey Funk — Technology Consultant

4:15The New Nanocosm
Moderator: Steve Waite — CEO, Quantum Investing
John van Leeuwen — CEO, Universal Matter
Yossi Keret — CEO, Nanorobotics, Israel (invited)

Thursday, Nov 10
7:30-Thursday Breakfast (provided)

9AMAI: Friend or Foe?
Moderator — Matt McIlwain — Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group
David Gelernter — Professor of Computer Science, Yale University
Robert Marks — Director, Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence
George Montañez – Professor of Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College

10AMElectric Cars: Salvation or Fantasy?
Moderator:  Bryan Mistele – CEO, INRIX
Mark Mills – Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Tony Posawatz – President and CEO, Invictus iCar
Tesla Representative (invited)

11:15Engineering Famine
Josh Gilder – Founding Partner, Reach Global Strategies
Steven Milloy (invited)

NOONRemarks from The Hon. Lynne Robinson, Mayor of Bellevue
Countering Doom with Superabundance
Marian Tupy – Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

1:30Networking Break

2PMChina Decoupling: The Clean Network as a Trusted Network?
Moderator: Dan Berninger – CEO, New Frontiers Foundation
Keith Krach
Former U.S. Undersecretary of State
George Gilder
Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Andre Fuetsch — CTO, AT&T
Panel Discussion
3PMSynthetic Biology: What New Therapies Are in Store?
Moderator:  Babak Parviz — Vice President, Amazon
Matt Scholz — CEO, Oisin Biotechnologies
Dr. George Church (invited) — Founding Core Faculty and Lead, Synthetic Biology, Wyss Institute at Harvard University

6PMCocktail Reception
7PM On the Shoulders of Giants: Celebrating the Internet Pioneers
Maria Teresa Cometto interviews Federico Faggin

Closing Remarks
Carver Mead — Kyoto Prize Winner (2022)
Friday, Nov 11
7:30-Friday Breakfast (provided)

9AMWho Wants to Be in the Metaverse?
Moderator:  Hope Cochran – Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group
Jules Urbach – CEO, OTOY

Special Keynote
10AMUnveiling Satoshi …. ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11AMIs the Science Settled?
Steven Koonin — Undersecretary, US Department of Energy, Obama Administration

11:45The Bottomless Well of Peter Huber
George Gilder and Mark Mills
12PMConference Wrap-up and Adjournment
George Gilder