COSM A Technology Summit


All times, sessions, speakers, and panels are subject to change.

Wednesday, Nov 1
10AMRegistration Opens

12:00Welcoming Remarks
Steve Buri — President, Discovery Institute
The Honorable Lynne Robinson — Mayor, City of Bellevue
Matt McIlwain — Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

12:15Keynote Luncheon The Economics and Future of AI
Andy Kessler — Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
Moderated Discussion with George Gilder — Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Fireside Chat
1PMLiving on the Edge: Lambda and Decentralized AI
Stephen Balaban – CEO, Lambda Labs

Fireside Chat
1:45Revisiting Metcalfe’s Law
Connectivity in the Age of AI
Bob Metcalfe — Inventor of Ethernet and Turing Award Winner
Moderated Discussion with George Gilder
Panel Discussion
2:30Title to Be Determined (Via Zoom)
Stephen Wolfram – Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research
Moderated Discussion with Bob Metcalfe
Fireside Chat
3:30Is the Future of AI Open or Closed (Source)?
Archana Vemulapalli — Head of Solutions Architecture, AWS
Moderated Discussion with Bryan Mistele — CEO, INRIX

Afternoon Keynote
4:15AI for Good: Using AI to Address Complex Global Challenges
Juan Lavista Ferres – Chief Scientist and Lab Director, Microsoft
Moderated Discussion with Babak Parviz — Madrona Venture Group
5PMAdjournment (Dinner on your own)
Thursday, Nov 2
7:30-Thursday Breakfast (Provided)

Morning Keynote
9AMDoes AI Make Immortality Possible?
Ray Kurzweil – Author, Inventor, Futurist
Moderated Discussion with George Gilder
Panel Discussion
10AMIs Anti-Aging Possible or Even Desirable?”
Vered Caplan – CEO, Orgenesis
Matt Scholz – CEO, Oisin Biotechnologies
Bob Nelsen – Managing Director, Arch Venture Partners (Invited)


11AMThe Quintessential Limits and Possibilities of AI: Three Views
Walter Myers III (Moderator) — Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft
William Dembski – Board Member / Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Robert Marks – Director, Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence
George Montañez – Professor of Computer Science, Harvey Mudd
Keynote Luncheon
NOONIs Healthcare in Need of a High-Yield Revolution?
Michael Milken – Chairman, Milken Institute and Author of Faster Cures
Panel Discussion
1PMThe Graphene Revolution
Innovation at the Nanoscale
George Gilder (Moderator)
Ariel Malik – Entrepreneur and Investor
Bradley Larschan — CEO, Avadain Inc (Invited)
Kevin Wyss – PhD Candidate, Rice University
2PMNetworking Break
Panel Discussion
2:30Silicon Valley Decentralized
Following Capital Investment
Cole Smead (Moderator) – CEO, Smead Capital Management
Matt McIlwain – Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group
Jack Selby – Managing Partner, AZ-VC
Matt Nordby – Managing Partner, Flume Ventures
Fireside Chat
3:30The China Challenge: Is it Time to Decouple?”
Kyle Bass – Founder and CIO, Hayman Capital Management
Moderated Discussion
4:30Is Life After Capitalism Emergency Socialism?
John Tamny (Moderator) – Forbes Editor and Author of Popular Economics
George Gilder — Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
Dennis Ridley — Professor of Global Logistics, Florida A&M University

6PMCocktail Reception
Evening Keynote
7PMConverging Technologies Remaking the World
Cathie Wood — CEO, ARK Invest

8:30Closing Remarks
Carver Mead — Kyoto Prize Winner (2022)

Friday, Nov 3
7:30-Friday Breakfast (Provided)

Panel Discussion
9AMWhat are the Implications of an AI Transportation Future?
Bryan Mistele (Moderator) – CEO, INRIX
Michael Wagner – CEO, Edge Case Research
Dan Lewis – CEO, Convoy (Invited)

10AMFirst Freedom: The Dangers of Censorship in the Digital Age
Michael Shellenberger – Author and Founder, Environmental Progress
11AMGreen Energy
Panacea or Fantasy?
Mark Mills (Moderator) – Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Todd Myers – Director, Center for the Environment, Washington Policy 
Michael Shellenberger – Author, Apocalypse Never
Jonathan Lesser – Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute

11:45Closing Remarks, Conference Wrap-up
Carver Mead — Kyoto Prize Winner (2022)
George Gilder