COSM A Technology Summit


Thursday, October 31
8AMRegistration Opens

9AMWelcoming Remarks
Steve Buri — President, Discovery Institute
Matt McIlwain — Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

Keynote Luncheon
12:15Beyond Nvidia, Chips, Silicon and Data Centers:  Will We Be Spooked by the New AI Paradigm?
Connectivity in the Age of AI
Bob Metcalfe — Inventor of Ethernet and Turing Award Winner
Moderated Discussion with George Gilder — Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute

09:30Trick or Treat: Is Technology Innovation at a Standstill?
Peter Thiel – Entrepreneur and Investor

Fireside Chat
10:30AI and the Cloud
Swami Sivasubramanian – VP (AI and Data), Amazon Web Services
Moderated Discussion with Bryan Mistele – CEO, INRIX
11AMWill We Be Haunted by a Non-Hallucinatory AI?
Lloyd Watts – Founder and CEO, Neocortix
Ramin Hasani (invited) – Professor, MIT
Noam Shazeer (invited) – CEO,
NOONThe Israel Test and Global Technology Leadership
Jonathan Medved – CEO, OurCrowd / Gilad Garon – CEO, ASOCS
Jim Tour – Professor and Entrepreneur, Rice University
George Gilder – Discovery Institute
Moderated by Bruce Chapman – Founder, Discovery 
01:30Networking Break
NOONThe New Web Paradigm: VERSES vs. OpenAI
Gabriel Rene – CEO, VERSES
Gregory Meredith – Firefly
Ben Goetzel – Founder and CEO, SingularityNET
3PMIt’s Just an Apparition: Unmasking AI Hysteria
Robert J. Marks – Director, Walter Bradley Center for Natural & Artificial Intelligence
George Gilder – Discovery institute
William Dembski – Mathematician and Philosopher
Moderated by Walter Myers – Senior Fellow and Board Member, Discovery Institute

6PMHosted Reception
5PMAdjournment (Dinner on your own)
Friday, Nov 1
7:30-Friday Breakfast (Provided)

Panel Discussion
9AMThe Graphene Moment
James Tour, Walt de Heer, George Gilder

10AMThe Economy of Superabundance vs. The Network Economy
Gale Pooley and
Balaji Srinivasan 
11AMThe Logic of Net-Zero
Alex Epstein (Invited)
Bob Metcalfe
Mark Mills (Invited?)
11AMInflation, Time Prices or Crypto-Gold?
Mark Skousen
George Gilder (conversation) possibly with
Judy Shelton (to be invited?)
Luncheon Keynote
1PMTo Be Determined
Larry Fink or Ari Emanuel or
Andy Kessler
Mark Andreessen
Juanita Hairston
2PMTo Be Determined
Larry Fink or Ari Emanuel or
Andy Kessler
Mark Andreessen
Juanita Hairston
3PMClosing Remarks, Conference Wrap-up
Carver Mead
George Gilder


All times, sessions, speakers, and panels are subject to change.