Eben Frankenberg at COSM 2019
COSM A Technology Summit

Eben Frankenberg

President and CEO, Echodyne
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Eben Frankenberg has over 20 years of experience starting and growing technology companies. Prior to founding Echodyne, he spent 9 years at Intellectual Ventures – 4 years creating and overseeing IV’s spin-outs: TerraPower, Kymeta and Evolv Technologies as well as IV’s Lab and Global Good, and 5 years as the COO. Prior to IV, Eben spent 10 years at Onyx Software leading Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and the Americas as Onyx went from basement start-up to IPO in 4 years, and grew from 7 to 800 employees. He started his career as a geophysicist in oil exploration and has an AB from Dartmouth College and a MS in Geophysics from Stanford University.