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Lemoine at COSM 2022: A Conversation on AI and LaMDA

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Blake Lemoine, ex-Google employee and AI expert, sat down with Discovery Institute’s Jay Richards at the 2022 COSM conference last November. Together they discussed AI, Google, and how and why Lemoine got to where he is today. Lemoine famously claimed last year that LaMDA, Google’s breakthrough AI technology, had achieved sentience. Lemoine explains that many people at Google thought AI had the potential for sentience, but that such technology should not be made prematurely for fear of the negative impacts it could have on society. You can listen to their interesting and brief conversation in the video below, and be sure to see more sessions from the 2022 COSM conference featuring Lemoine and other leaders and innovators in technology on our YouTube page by following this link.

Lemoine and Richards Discuss AI at COSM 2022

In addition, you can listen to Lemoine speak more in depth on these matters in his conversation with Robert J. Marks and read about Lemoine’s continuing stance on the sentience of AI.

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