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COSM Speaker Hopes To Put Creativity Within Every Human’s Reach

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Jules Urbach in 2019 at COSM

Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of leading cloud graphics company OTOY, wants to use AI to give every single person the agency to create. He is speaking again at COSM 2022 (November 9–11 in Seattle).

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Urbach, who started out in computer gaming at 18, is “a pioneer in computer graphics, streaming, and 3D rendering, with more than 25 years of industry experience. His experience has inspired him to try to help many more people be more creative:

Jules Urbach dreams of a world in which anyone can be a creator and anything you imagine can be effortlessly brought to life in fantastic visual detail, without any prior visual graphics training. OTOY’s mission is to turn that dream into reality, and the company’s collaborations with partners like Oculus and HBO offer tantalizing hints at further innovations to come.

John Flores, “Jules Urbach – Rendering the Metaverse (FoST 2016)” at Cyberbump (May 28, 2022)

One of his current projects is an archive of everything to do with Gene Roddenberry (1921–1991) and his Star Trek universe:

Including a Memory Wall:

The tech needed to enable more creativity may be coming down the pike from firms like Midjourney. See, for example, the controversy this month over an artist using MidJourney to help win a prize at an art show. The art may be good or bad, according to various criteria. Either way, it is humans working with work created by other humans, using AI tools to form a collage. AI makes creativity easier though not necessarily more creative. At a certain point, the human needs to have some personal ideas.

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COSM 2022 (November 9–11, 2022) at the Bellevue Hyatt in Seattle is an exclusive national summit on the converging technologies that are remaking the world as we know it — artificial intelligence, 5G and WiFi6, blockchain, cloud computing, space flight. It’s a great chance for civilized conversation between and with industry leaders on trends that really matter.

Other COSM 2022 speakers to pencil in:

Software pioneer David Gelernter will also be speaking at COSM 2022: Gelernter, a Yale computer prof, is known for thinking through problems from a NON-Silicon Valley-elite perspective. He argues, “The emotional subtext of human communication is crucial to human thought … Too many computer scientists don’t understand this.”

How Federico Faggin put the computer’s brain on a chip. In the Marvel Universe, a story like this would, of course, start with a portentous meeting of top AI brains in a secret mountain stronghold, holding the world’s future in their hands… This isn’t the Marvel Universe. The project aimed merely to raise cash for more conventional stuff. Faggin will share his thoughts today at COSM 2022, Nov 9–11.

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