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Is AI Sentient? Where’s the Economy Headed? Join Me at COSM 2022!

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Where is the U.S. economy headed in the next year? Is decoupling from China realistic, or even possible? Is our country ready for widescale electric vehicle adoption? And what are the cutting-edge technologies that will change the world? These are just a few of the questions we will grapple with at COSM 2022.

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Another is whether AI will ever achieve consciousness. Remember the Google engineer who made national headlines a month ago for claiming that the company’s AI had become sentient? His name is Blake Lemoine, and he will be making his case — in one of his first public appearances — at COSM 2022 in November.

We have also added Microsoft VP Nicole Herskowitz, who will help us peer into the metaverse, and Steven Koonin, former Obama official and author of the bestseller, Unsettled, a sensible critique of climate alarmism.

Together, they join an already incredible lineup, including tech titan Peter Thiel, two winners of the internationally prestigious Kyoto Prize (Carver Mead and Federico Faggin), a Nobel Prize nominee (Keith Krach), and leading venture capitalists and technologists from around the country.

You already know that COSM is a conference unlike any other. One of its hallmarks, and a frequent topic of my writing, is surprise — the idea that entrepreneurial creativity always comes as a surprise to us. It cannot be predicted or planned. And that creativity creates opportunity for economic growth and learning.

COSM 2022 will be full of surprises for investors, researchers, technologists, and tech executives taking a leap into the future.

I hope you will join me, Peter Thiel, Keith Krach and all the others at COSM 2022. In doing so, you will gather with hundreds of investors, researchers, technologists, and tech executives taking a leap into the future.

You can register today using this link. Do so before Sept. 30th and as an early adopter you will save off the regular conference rate.

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