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COSM A Technology Summit

Stephen Cohen

Chief Architect at Microsoft

Stephen is the Chief Architect with Microsofts’ Worldwide Services. After joining Microsoft in 1999 he has worked with more than 35 government agencies spanning the Department of Defense, Civilian, Intelligence, Healthcare, State and Local organizations as well the Gates Foundation and pseudo-government groups such as Red Cross, and the United Nations.

He has presented for Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence Group (EEG), the International Association for Software Architecture (IASA), Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Conference (TwC) as well as being a speaker for the Project Management Institute (PMI). His work on combining Agile and formal practices and recovering failing projects has been published in the IEEE library and elsewhere. 

He is a co-author of the Practical Architecture course delivered inside Microsoft and routinely delivers “Hardcore Architecture” sessions for Microsofts technical field personnel. Except for a 18 month break during which he was a Principal Architect on Microsoft’s Azure Global team focusing on hyperscale cloud computing for government, the last 20+ years at Microsoft have been dedicated to large, complex, command and control systems. 

He has presented frequently and occasionally keynoted various technical conferences such as; the Trustworthy Computing Conference, the Project Management Institute, the Agile Conference, the Hawaii International Computer Science Symposium, the International Association of Software Architects, and delivered webinars for the IT Measurements and Productivity Institute.