COSM A Technology Summit

Spencer Reiss

Contributing editor, Wired magazine

Spencer Reiss (born 1952 in New York) is a former Newsweek foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, now a contributing editor at Wired magazine.

He began working for Wired as a senior editor in San Francisco in 1996. He is responsible for covering energy issues, new media, commercial space travel, and the impact technology is having on humans. He is also a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and MIT Technology Review. Reiss also directed the program for the annual Monaco Media Forum held in Monte Carlo.

In 1995, as managing editor of the pioneering Internet project “24 Hours in Cyberspace,” Reiss commissioned John Perry Barlow to write the celebrated Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. More recently he directs the program for Business Insider’s annual IGNITION conference in New York City. He is also master of ceremonies at Viva Technology, a global startup & innovation conference held annually in June in Paris.