COSM A Technology Summit

Maria Teresa Cometto

Journalist for Courier della Sera

Maria Teresa Cometto is an Italian-American journalist and author based in New York City since 2000. She has been working for almost 30 years for the leading Italian daily “Corriere della Sera”. She also has written several books including “La Marchesa Colombi. Life, Novels and Passions of the First Woman Journalist of Corriere della Sera” (2020, Solferino) and “Brothers of the Mountains. Arturo and Oreste Squinobal from the Alps to the Himalayas” (2000 KDP, 2020; 2019, Corbaccio). She was the co-author of “Tech and the City. The Making of New York’s Startup Community” (2013, Guerini; 2013 Mirandola Press), and she co-curated the exhibition “MAKE IN ITALY. 50 Years Of Italian Breakthroughs: From The First PC (P101) To The First Space-Bound Espresso Machine”, held in Rome (2014), Milan and NYC (2015). 

Maria Teresa graduated cum Laude from Milan’s Universitá Statale with a degree in Philosophy of Science: her thesis was about Karl Popper vs Paul Feyerabend. 

On June 2, 2017 she was awarded the title “Cavaliere (Knight) dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”. In 2018 she became a U.S. citizen.