COSM A Technology Summit

Lindy Fishburne

Managing Partner of Breakout Ventures, Founder of Breakout Labs

Lindy Fishburne is the Founder of Breakout Labs, the seed-stage program for hard science at the Thiel Foundation, and Managing Partner at Breakout Ventures. Lindy joined the foundation ten years ago as SVP Investments, after a career in management consulting, advising Fortune 500 companies on profitable growth strategies. Lindy has a deep understanding of what it takes to make it through the early days in business, having managed two start-up companies through rapid growth and eventual sale. She created Breakout Labs’ novel, revolving fund model toaccelerate innovation and re-define how early-stage hard science companies are funded. In2016, she and her partners, Hemai Parthasarathy and Julia Moore, launched Breakout Ventures a $50M fund to invest primarily in the Breakout Labs companies gaining market traction and ready for venture investment. She is a graduate of Duke University and holds an MBA from University of Texas at Austin.