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Quantum Physicist Julie Love to Speak at COSM 2021

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She may not be a household name, but Dr. Julie Love works with technology that could have massive implications on our economy, in our industry and agriculture, and on society at large: Quantum computing.

Dr. Julie Love

At this year’s COSM conference in Bellevue, Washington, Love will be addressing quantum computing and the question, “Does it change everything, or anything?”

First, what exactly is quantum computing?

“Quantum computing applies the properties of quantum physics to the processing of information,” Love explains in a Youtube series produced by Microsoft exploring the impact of the technology.

“This exponentially faster and more powerful computing will accelerate the development of new sustainable materials, improved healthcare, methods to address food production, and combat climate change.”

You can watch the video below for an exciting introduction to Love and her quantum work at Microsoft:

After falling in love with physics in high school, Love received her BS in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then her Ph.D. in quantum physics from Yale. She has spent a great deal of time in the corporate world as a corporate strategist, a decision she explained to Joel Beasley, host of the ModernCTO podcast, as intended to build a “broader set of skills.” On the side, she advised quantum computing start-ups, patiently looking for an opportunity to jump back into the quantum computing world full-time.

That opportunity came through Microsoft four years ago, when she was brought onto their team as a product leader for quantum computing.

“With Azure Quantum, we’re really bringing this technology to developers,” Love told Beasley. “…So my role at Microsoft is I run program management for the quantum program, and this spans everything from the qubits that we’re building to the control systems to the cloud platforms and everything in between.”

As of September 2020, Love is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Quantum Computing.

Other Microsoft employees (current and former) to be joining the riveting conversation at COSM include Gurdeep Pall, Kai-Fu Le, and Walter Myers III.

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