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Publisher of Popular Electronics To Speak at COSM 2021

Published at Mind Matters

John Schroeter has many accomplishments as a futurist but also as an author, publisher, and developer:

John Schroeter

➤ He is Executive Director at Abundant World Institute, a think tank for leading technologists, futurists and entrepreneurs seeking to create more abundance in the world: Their foundational book, Moonshots—Creating a World of Abundance, won the 2019 Gold Medal by Axiom Business Book Awards, and was recognized by Kirkus Reviews as a “Best Book of 2018.” After Shock (2020) marks the 50-year anniversary of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock.

➤ He is also the publisher, at TechnicaCuriosa, of iconic mags such as Popular Electronics and Popular Astronomy. “Our iconic titles have literally changed the world. Take Popular Electronics for example. Just one landmark issue was directly responsible for the creation of the PC industry. Its articles inspired the launches of Microsoft, Apple, and countless others who continue to this day to tell their remarkable Popular Electronics stories.”

➤ As his first book, he wrote the classic Surviving the ASIC Experience, on the design of custom integrated circuits. Another of his books reflects his passion for music: Between the Strings — the Secret Lives of Guitars. (2004). More recently, he is the author of COVID–19: Devil’s Choice

➤ Among his achievements as a developer are patented work in eliminating counterfeit drugs from the supply chain, which was recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation of the Year Award.

Note: Here’s a synopsis of Moonshots.

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