5G network wireless systems and internet of things with modern city skyline. Smart city and communication network concept .
5G network wireless systems and internet of things with modern city skyline. Smart city and communication network concept .
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3G? 4G? 5G? What Gs Are These?

Published at Mind Matters

One of the Thursday COSM panels (9:00 am, October 24) in Bellevue, Washington, offers a look at how blockchain and 5G will change the way we interact with the internet — much more of it will be more portable everywhere.

But first, about those Gs:

“G” means “generation.” Here’s a brief summary of how “online on the road” grew over the years:

  • 1G: 1970s-1980s Analog radio signals were available for voice calls.
  • 2G: The 1990s went digital, which enabled many services we expect today, such as call hold and conference call. Users could exchange text and multimedia messages too.
  • 3G: In about 2001, cell phone use began to resemble what we know today. It included email, web browsing, downloading video, and sharing pictures and a variety of Smartphone technologies. Banking by phone started to make an appearance.
  • 4G: New technology has speeded everything up during the past decade, enabling high-definition and 3D TV, video conferencing, and cloud computing.
  • 5G: The prospect for much faster internet compared even to 4G enables many more services to move online. Watch for its appearance in augmented reality, virtual reality, and self-driving cars.*

The panel will also talk about blockchain, the technology for more secure global transactions. Jonathan Bartlett explains a bit of how it works here. He thinks of it as “the social value of trust.”

The panelists so far for Blockchain and 5G: the Convergent Future (Thursday, October 24) are Gilad Garon, Jules Urbach, Nick Tredennick, who come very well qualified to help us see the possibilities:

  • Gilad Garon CEO of ASOCS, delivering 5G-level telecommunications services
  • Jules Urbach, creator of the web’s first 3D video game platform, described by George Gilder as “the most inventive software engineer he has ever met”
  • Nick Tredennick, computer engineer and specialist in microprocessor design

Other featured speakers at the conference, in addition to Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Kessler, will be Google Glass inventor Babak Parviz on the growing seniors’ market created by greater longevity, and Oren Etzioni on whether AI is dumbing us down. Ray Kurzweil, Steve Forbes, Peter Thiel, and Ken Fisher will discuss where headline news topics like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, self-driving cars, e-commerce, and biotech are going.

Are machines replacing or helping us and how will we know the difference? What can we do if we don’t like what’s happening?

Until October 11, you can get in on the Early Adopter fee of $1450. That’s not a lot to find out from the pros what the next decade of technology will break or transform and where the opportunities are going.

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* Note: This list is summarized from Best Differences Between,Raconteur, and Net-informations.com